From Concept through Production

Ace Molding’s experienced staff will be by your side to help you make your idea a reality.  We will assist you every step of the way from 3D printing a prototype to mold design to full production. 

Ace Molding’s experienced staff will evaluate your CAD design and identify potential quality or production issues.  When you are ready to create a prototype, we will help you contract with a 3D printing company to create a prototype and will then help you evaluate the product and identify quality or production issues.  When we are both satisfied that a high-quality product can be produced we will help you design and manufacture a mold which will produce the necessary detail, contain the maximum number of cavities, and be made from the most appropriate material for the resin used, ensuring that we can produce a high-quality product for you from a long-lasting tool.  Ace Molding only uses locally sourced 3D printers and mold manufacturers, to produce high quality prototypes and tooling with quick turnaround times. 

Custom engraving is not a problem.  High quality inserts can be made to mold your logo, or your customer’s logo directly into the product.

Once your mold is ready for production, we encourage you to visit our facility and experience firsthand the production of your first part.  During your visit we will help you assess the quality of your product and if you desire, run a variety of colors to help you produce the perfect product.  If that first product is less than perfect we will continue to work with you and the mold maker to achieve the quality we both desire.

Once your product is ready for full production Ace Molding can provide automated production, or operator-controlled production.  Operator-controlled production ensures 100% inspection of every product produced.  Value-added secondary operations can include sonic welding and display ready packaging.  Ace Molding's experienced staff will work with you to minimize handling of your product to get your product to market in a timely manner.

As you need inventory and drop shipment options are also available to meet your needs.

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Our experienced staff will be by your side to make your concept a reality.  Beginning with your initial idea we will review your computerized designs to ensure that your mold and extrusion dies will produce the quality product you desire, economically, and utilizing a mold made from the most appropriate material for the resin you will utilize and the runs you desire.  

Our tooling is locally sourced for “Made in America Pride” by skilled artisans using the latest techniques and up to date software.  Our on-site tool shop provides for quick maintenance to address the inevitable wear of high volumne runs.

The molding department works tirelessly to meet the demands and requirements of all of our customers.  Ace Molding can manufacture your product utilizing the machine most appropriate for your product.  Our 120 ton, 180 ton, 200 ton and 400 ton presses are either run automatically or operator controlled to meet your needs. 

We work with local resin distributors to ensure timely availability of the perfect resin for your product.  Our on-site silo provides large quantity storage for long runs.  Our experienced staff is capable of producing the perfect color for your project using color concentrates, so color changes are not a problem.

Our procedures ensure that you can depend upon consistent quality.  We will provide you with the level of inspection that your product demands, from fully automated runs with minimal inspection to operator inspection of 100% of your products.

Ace Molding‘s assembly and plastic finishing department is second to none, assembly of matched parts, or bagged and boxed for “on the shelf” display and sale are all part of the services Ace Molding proudly offers.  Value added secondary operations and inventory on demand allows your product to be manufactured and ready for when you need it.  Drop shipments can further reduce handling of your product and your costs.